David Zulak RMT 

150 Brant Avenue

Brantford ON, N3T 3H7

The clinic entrance and parking are at the rear of building, accessed via Dufferin Ave., is currently closed for construction. Please use the front entrance on Brant Ave. to access the clinic. There is parking on the streets all around the clinic, including on Brant Ave. Sorry for the inconvenience. Limitied parking behind the clinic is available after 5:30 or 6 pm for those who have evening appointments.

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Hours Available

Monday 1 pm - 8 pm;  Tuesday & Thursday 10 am - 8 pm;  Friday 10 am - 5 pm.

also every other Saturday 10 am - 2 pm; usually the 2nd and 4th in the month.

Prices  (plus HST)

30 minutes = $60 

45 minutes. = $75

60 minutes = $85

90 minutes = $125


David Zulak MA, RMT, author of Comprehensive  Assessment for Massage Therapy (Summer 2011), has been a massage therapist since 1994, and an instructor since 1996.

David has a wide and diversified knowledge base. He has not only been an instructor at several schools in Canada, He has also been the director of the massage therapy program for two schools, and for one of these he wrote the complete 2200 hour massage therapy program.

Over his teaching career, he has taught almost every course given at a school of massage therapy. However, his focus and interest has always remained anatomy, treatments, techniques and clinical assessment skills. Presently, David primarily teaches seminars for practising massage therapists, along with sustaining a busy clinical practice in Brantford, Ontario.

Since graduating as a massage therapist, David has pursued instruction in all osteopathic techniques, and in osteopathic principles and theory, totalling well over 700 hours of post-graduate education. He has been using an osteopathic approach within his massage therapy practice for over a decade, melding the two, with the intent to provide a more comprehensive approach to treatment for his clients. 

This approach to treatment is referred to as osteopathic massage. It is not merely the addition of popular osteopathic techniques to massage therapy. It is a way of seeing the whole client within the context of their health, and maximizing their own healing abilities. Click the Osteopathy & Massage tab at the top of this page for more on this.

 David was formerly a therapist at Therapeutic Massage Counsel (TMC), Brantford, for more than a dozen years.