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Paris ON, 10 Banfield St.

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                    NOTE: Allergy Alert: Pets have access to the entrance way and waiting area at the Paris Location                   (except for clinic hours), and hair and dander is present. Pets are never allowed in the treatment room.

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Phone number: 519-442-6058

(From 9:30 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday)

Hours Available:

Monday 12 pm - 8 pm;  Wednesday 10am - 6 pm; 

Friday 10 am - 6 pm.

Note: Prices as of January 01, 2022

30 minutes: $68 + $8.84 HST = $76.84 

45 minutes:  $83 + $10.79 HST = $93.79

60 minutes: $93 + $12.09 HST = $105.09

For some clients who have extended health insurance this will mean a slight increase in your co-pay. For those whom their insurer pays 100%, some will still do so, but a few may have payment caps per session, (i.e., 100%, but up to a limit of ...) and so there may be a small amount that you will have to cover personally.

Have Extended Health Insurance Coverage for Massage? 

We have direct billing for most plans.

For your information:

  • There will be a link to a screening questionnaire attached to the reminder notices that you receive just prior to your appointment. This must be completed before you arrive. 
  • The following are a summarised version of the requirements for treating clients at this time:
  • As usual sanitization of the reception & treatment areas will be done prior to and after each session, and will included the heightened measures suggested by my College (CMTO) and public health professionals during the pandemic. I have accordingly added more time between all appointments to ensure that this is thorough. 
  • Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to your appointment. If you arrive earlier, please stay in your vehicle.
  • Those arriving need to be wearing an acceptable PPE mask before entering the clinic and both the therapist and the client, (and any accompanying person), must wear appropriate masks throughout the treatment. Otherwise, the treatment session cannot begin, nor continue if removed. I do ask, if possible, that clients bring their own mask. 
  • Upon arrival clients are required to wash their hands. Also, hand-washing before leaving is required. Instructions for this will be mounted in the washroom.
  • Regarding payment, contact (“tap”) of a credit or debit card is preferred. 
  • Further, as a record of each visitor to the clinic needs to leave their contact information for the purposes of contact tracing; therefore, all current phone numbers and address need to be confirmed for clients; and those who may accompany a client (into the clinic) must also leave their contact information.

Style of treatment. While I will provide treatment with the client draped and use lotion, there are other options available for those who might feel more comfortable remaining dressed and/or seek alternative approaches to treatment.  

Thank you,

David Zulak RMT


David Zulak MA, RMT, author of Assessment for Massage Therapy: a practical guide (Handspring Publishing 2018), has been a massage therapist since 1994, and an instructor since 1996.

David has a wide and diversified knowledge base. He has not only been an instructor at several schools in Ontario, Canada, He has also been the director of the massage therapy program for two schools, and for one of these he wrote the complete 2200 hour massage therapy program.

Over his teaching career, he has taught almost every course given at a school of massage therapy. However, his focus and interest has always remained anatomy, treatments, techniques and, of course, clinical assessment skills. Presently, David only teaches seminars for practising massage therapists, along with sustaining a busy clinical practice in Paris, Ontario.

Since graduating as a massage therapist, David has pursued instruction in all osteopathic techniques, and in osteopathic principles and theory, totalling well over 700 hours of post-graduate education. He has been using an osteopathic approach within his massage therapy practice for over a decade, melding the two, with the intent to provide a more comprehensive approach to treatment for his clients. 

This approach to treatment is referred to as osteopathic massage. It is not merely the addition of popular osteopathic techniques to massage therapy. It is a way of seeing the whole client within the context of their health, and maximizing their own healing abilities. Click the Osteopathy & Massage tab at the top of this page for more on this.

10 Banfield Street, Paris Ontario